"Classes in Applied Positive Psychology & Eastern Spirituality"

TransformingTheory into Application to Create Positive Life Changes



Class: Every Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am
Lisa Froman, LLC offers classes in Applied Positive Psychology and Applied Eastern Psychology.

Applied Positive Psychology Classes. These classes are designed for increasing happiness, well-being, joy, flourishing, and positive functioning on the personal, biological, and relational levels. We use scientifically tested and proven Positive Psychology research, theory, and methodology.

Applied Eastern Psychology Classes. Classes for the spiritually minded individual interested in actualizing their inner potential using an Eastern philosophical/spiritual approach. We cover a wide variety of topics all aimed at increasing positive human functioning and flourishing, on the personal, biological, relational, and spiritual levels. This class is ideal for individuals interested in making positive individual changes, increasing their happiness and well-being, and self-development. Learn more about our Eastern psychology classes.

Class Time::
Every Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am: $20.

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Positive Psychology Counseling-Mentoring

Individual sessions for increasing positive human functioning and flourishing on the personal, biological, and relational levels. Guidance is based on scientifically supported Positive Psychology research, theory and methodology. These sessions are ideal for addressing a variety of personal issues; increasing happiness and well-being; changing behaviors and habits; goal setting, motivation, and achievement; increasing productivity; well-being at work; positive relationships; emotional intelligence; spiritual well-being, meditation, stress reduction, positive lifestyle change, and more. To schedule an appointment, please contact us



Eastern Psychology Spiritual Counseling


These personalized one hour sessions are designed to help the individual actualize their inner potential, set and achieve their goals, and increase their happiness and well-being, using an Eastern philosophical approach. Sessions assist with physical, emotional, and mental transformation and regeneration. It involves a process of self-examination that first helps you to identify what is really going on in your life. Second, it helps you to understand and identify the causes of your current problems and challenges. And third, it provides a path of healing that utilizes physical, emotional, mental actions. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.